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This small park at the corner of Windover Avenue and Lawyers Road has become a native habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.

Salsbury Spring Park

Salsbury Spring Garden is a small, quarter-acre garden with native plants that is maintained by Ayr Hill Garden Club. The spring that runs through the property provided drinking water to soldiers during the Civil War and then to local residents during the drought of 1930 when most of the wells had dried up. In 1938, Mrs. Salsbury presented the deed to the Ayr Hill Garden Club and requested a marker to be created in honor of her husband, Captain H. L. Salsbury. The garden club presented the deed to the Town of Vienna but continues to maintain the site today.


One can come here to enjoy the sounds of the trickling spring, the shade of the trees, and to learn about native plants. See what other Virginia natives are blooming now:

Wish List

Rocks for a Dry Creek Bed


Stones for pathways

Plant List

This garden contains native plants that support the local ecosystem:








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