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Celebrating Our Mavericks

Class 1 - Portrait

The theme for this class highlights the willful independence of our members in color photos taken by club members.

Inspiration for this Photography Show
Class 2 - Macro

This class celebrates the creative vision of our garden club members.

This photography show takes place during Vienna’s annual Walk on the Hill, sponsored by Historic Vienna, Inc., Vienna’s Department of Parks and Recreation, and the neighborhood residents.  The Ayr Hill Garden Club and area residents initiated the Walk on the Hill in 1971.

Last year’s flower show theme celebrated the Ayr Hill Garden Club’s 90th anniversary.  This year we are recognizing the role that our members and our projects have played as mavericks in the community. 


Ayr Hill Garden Club members have been (and still can be!) the loudest voice in the room – they have served as the town’s first mayor, as a powerful delegate in Richmond, on the Vienna town council, on many town committees. 

Our projects have had impact:  encouraging native plantings from the 1960s to the present; designing and installing gardens at Fairfax Hospital, Freeman Store and Museum, Vienna Community Center, all in addition to the 6 gardens we currently maintain; insisting that the Vienna of the 1930s could be beautiful, protecting bluebirds as a charter member of the North American Bluebird Society; transforming an unsightly gravel railroad bed into a gorgeous garden 40 years ago.   

Class 3 - Landscape

This class of photos embodies the spirit of experimentation with in our club.

Class 4 - Environmental

This class of photos demonstrates the club's commitment to innovative gardening.

We are also happy to welcome the Madison High School photography students taught by Johanna Little to our competition

Class 5 - Wildlife

This class of photos showcases the club's sense of community.